Today an effective transportation net is an indispensible need for any modern civilization. With an increasing demand for transportation, today transportation projects not only require expert qualifications but also special environmental awareness within a very limited space allocation especially for an overcrowded metropolitan area. To this end Tekfen Engineering ensure overall project success by integrating qualified experts into the design team to consider different options to achieve the most feasible solution.

Due to the demanding Customers the structural systems for any project is becoming more complex with respect to cost reduction, architectural features, environmental impacts and fitness for purpose. Tekfen Engineering adopted himself to more demanding Customers by effectively implementing a team of special engineers to monitor the latest development in engineering design.

Tekfen Engineering’s scope of services covers the following:

  • Motorways
  • Road and Railway Tunnels
  • Road and Railway Bridges
  • Trunk Roads
  • Toll Systems, roundabouts and crossings
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Industrial, Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Infrastructure